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Watch Me
A Gripping Psychological Thriller
BY Jody Gehrman

St. Martin’s Griffin
January 23, 2018/ ISBN 9781250144027
Thriller: Psychological

Reviewed by Jen Oliver 

Watch Me introduces readers to an author who is forced to teach creative writing classes to students as she tries to recapture her writing fame named Kate Youngblood. While Kate is trying to rediscover herself, following a hurtful divorce, her student Sam, enters her class and shows her some real raw writing talent. The talent that she wants to help nurture. But is Sam just another student or does he have alternative motives to be taking one of Kate’s classes?

Watch Me is told in alternating chapters in Kate’s and Sam’s point of views. Gehrman does an amazing job of keeping each chapter separate and true to each character. This also provides a very unique look at the dynamics that each character has and the drive that each one has in their given situations. The suspense starts with the first chapter and never lets up. Readers will get hooked and not want to put down the book until the last page.

Watch Me is a gift to the suspense genre and is masterfully written. Any fan of suspenseful mysteries will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Reviewed 2018