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A Dream of Death
Kate Hamilton Mystery #1
BY Connie Berry

Crooked Lane
April 9, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-68331-987-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds  

A Dream of Death, is Connie Berry’s debut novel.

American Kate Hamilton has returned to the Isle of Rothsay in Scotland to attend a gala. The Tartan Ball is held each year at the end of the tourist season. For Kate, this trip is fraught with painful memories as her beloved husband, Bill, who was born and raised there, died there just three years ago. She had not gone back there since. But when her sister-in-law, Elenor Spurgeon, calls and begs Kate to come, she summons her strength to return to Scotland to attend the gala in the hopes of repairing her relationship with Elenor.

Elenor told Kate that she was in trouble and had no one else to turn to. Given that they had been estranged since Bill’s death, Kate felt compelled to help her because she knows that Bill would have wanted her to do so. Yet once Kate arrives, Elenor seems just fine and initially appears to only want Kate’s expertise as an antique dealer. But within a short time, Elenor is murdered, and Kate’s return to Scotland is now enmeshed in solving the murder.

The murder appears to be patterned after an unsolved murder from 200 years ago. Somehow an antique casket that Elenor had seems to hold clues to who the killer is. Bo Duff, who was a childhood friend of Kate’s late husband, is taken into custody. Kate knows in her heart that Bo is not a killer. He has some cognitive disability but also a kind heart. Kate is more determined than ever to get to the truth.

I often read in the evening, and it is fitting that given the title, A Dream of Death, I found myself dozing off and dreaming of Scotland and Scotch Mist-- the combination of mist or fog and drizzle which is common in Scotland.

The Scottish atmosphere is captivating, the characters are well-drawn, and the dual mysteries blend together perfectly. This is exactly the type of book that I read cover to cover with barely a break. I found myself so involved that I couldn’t put it down and can honestly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery.


Reviewed 2019