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And Then They Were Doomed
Little Library Mystery #4
BY Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

Crooked Lane
August 13, 2019/ ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Little person Zoe Zola is an author with a penchant for mysteries. Zoe writes about the lives of famous authors and is presently working on a book about Agatha Christie. She receives an invitation to an Agatha Christie symposium in the Upper Peninsula.

There are nine other Christie scholars in attendance, and events unfold in a manner resembling storylines Christie herself created. As the other guests begin disappearing, Zoe becomes fearful and wants to leave immediately, but her car won’t start. She calls her friend and neighbor, Jenny, to come and rescue her, but Jenny has to wait for a storm to pass before she can get to Zoe. Meanwhile, Zoe has to remember all the twists and turns of Christie’s mysteries in order to remain alive.

I like many things about this book. The mystery within other mysteries is plotted well. I enjoyed learning more about Zoe’s back story and how it made her the kind of person she is today. The atmosphere at the lodge is rich, although it is dark and with an inherent sense of dread.

I recognize that it must have been a daunting task involving a great deal of effort to get details exactly right. Unfortunately, though, the level of detail and the number of characters made reading it a daunting task as well. I like this author and hope that this book has just slightly veered off course and that the next will be less dark and less complicated.

One thing that may have helped readers would be a list of characters names and who they were at the front of the book.

Overall, it is a good enough read for me to recommend it to mystery lovers. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie, I think that you will enjoy it that much more.

In Want of a Knife #3

Reviewer Notes: The author also writes the Emily Kincaid mysteries

Reviewed 2019