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a night’s tale
Magical Cats Mystery #11
BY Sofie Kelly

September 3, 2019/ ISBN 978-0-440-00113-3
Mystery / Cozy/Paranormal cats

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Mayville Heights librarian Kathleen Paulson is happy to have her brother Ethan visiting. He and his band, The Flaming Gerbils, are in town for a visit during their break. At The Brick, a local nightclub, a fight ensues between a drunken newcomer to town and Derek Hanson who is the opening act for The Flaming Gerbils. The drunk had kicked a service dog who belonged to a veteran and Derek punched the guy right in the jaw.

The drunk and hateful man is Lewis Wallace who is in town hoping to get his supplement business into an empty warehouse down by the waterfront. After another confrontation with Derek as well as being a jerk to other people around town it is clear that no one likes Lewis Wallace. When he is found dead, by Kathleen of all people, and Derek is implicated Ethan pleads with his sister to track down the real killer. There is no shortage of suspects.

Sofie Kelly is one of my favorite cozy mystery authors. In addition to writing solid mysteries featuring a town brimming with interesting people and their relationships, she brings to life two magical cats, Hercules, and Owen who are key to helping Kathleen solve crimes and bring killers to justice.

Order your copy online or from your local independent bookseller and then clear some time to delve into this eleventh book in the Magical Cats Mystery series. I give it eight paws up (for the two cats) and two swishing tails (for the aforementioned two cats). Relax, read, enjoy.

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Reviewers Notes: Writing as Sophie Ryan the author also pens the Second Chance Cat Mysteries

Reviewed 2019