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Beating About The Bush
Agatha Raisin – Book XXX
BY M C Beaton

Constable (Little, Brown) / US edition by Minotaur Books
24 October 2019/ ISBN 9781472126993

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Agatha Raisin is back with her thirtieth case and on top form. The agency has been hired by local engineering company Morrisons to look into a case of possible industrial espionage. They are working on a special cutting edge battery, which will revolutionize electric car charging, but suspicious strangers have been spotted lurking, and there was a recent fire in the R&D building. Driving back after the initial meeting, Agatha and Toni spot a severed leg lying in the bushes, and things start taking a strange turn.

These books are such fun, and this is a particularly good one with an imaginative plot, plenty to laugh at, and Agatha at her insecure, managing, and impetuous best. The other agency characters take a back seat as Agatha and Toni look into dark doings at the battery factory involving not only the leg but some strange staff and a donkey called Wizz Wazz, who ends up being a TV celebrity. To say more would spoil the plot, but Sir Charles is engaged again to a much younger (and richer) woman while Toni ponders whether her nice but dull boyfriend is marriage material. Agatha chasing men does not feature as much in this book; instead, you can expect a fast paced plot with some hilarious moments and plenty of actual detecting, all more to my taste. I marvel at how Ms Beaton manages to keep the series fresh, contemporary and engaging but she does, and even after thirty books there is no sign of it running out of steam.

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