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Before She Knew Him
BY Peter Swanson

William Morrow
March 5, 2019/ ISBN 9780062838155

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby

Before She Knew Him introduces readers to Hen, who is a dark artist married to Lloyd, and recently moved to a suburb for stability. She has a history of mental health issues, primarily bipolar disease, and fighting her own demons because of her illness. Hen and Lloyd move next door to what appears to be a normal couple, Mira and Matthew. But like every everyone, they have their own demons and history they deal with on a daily basis. What happens when these demons collide with each other?
Before She Knew Him has several psychological twists and turns. Some did not make a lot of sense initially but tied up very nicely. It is evident that Swanson knows psychology and how human nature works because he is able to develop characters with interesting flaws and have them work with and against each other in a way that makes this reader question and want to read more to find out the answers. Because of this, Hen and Matthew develop a fascinating friendship that initially one would think could not happen, given their histories.

Before She Knew Him is one of the best thrillers this reader has read in a long time. The psychological twists add to an enjoyable fast-paced suspenseful thriller. I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in thrillers with unexpected twists.

Reviewed 2019