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Beware the Past
DCI Ballard/Sgt.Morris
BY Joy Ellis

Joffe Books, London
December 17, 2017/ ISBN 1912106434
Crime Thriller /Police Procedure / England-Contemporary/ Standalone

Reviewed by LJ Roberts 

First Sentence: 'Do you like the dark, Matt?'

Twenty-five years ago, three boys were murdered, and the suspected killer died in a hit-and-run, but Michael Ballard wasn't convinced. Now a DCI, Ballard receives an unmarked enveloped with a photo of the crime scene before the murders. More photos, including of Michael's private life, and a murder, raises questions of a copycat, or did the original killer not die after all.

Confession: This is one of those rare books in which one can become so absorbed, one forgets to take notes. Ergo, one of the shortest reviews ever.

Ellis is very good at creating red herrings, nerve-racking tension, and good action. It's nice to have a protagonist who is fallible; no super cop here.

"Beware the Past" has writing that is very visual with exciting action sequences, and a surprising ending. Ellis is an author to explore further.

Reviewed 2019