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Blood on the Chesapeake
The Haunted Shores Mysteries
BY Randy Overbeck

The Wild Rose Press
April 10, 2019/ ISBN 9781509223282
Mystery / Paranormal

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Darrell Henshaw moves to Wilshire, Maryland, to hopefully start a successful second life and love. Soon after his arrival as teacher and football coach for the local high school, he learns that there is a ghost haunting his office. He is led by his curiosity and this ghost into researching who this might be and what happened to them. This leads Darrell into some dangerous situations where innocent people are killed to cover up a 30-year-old murder.

This is the first of the Haunted Shores Mysteries series. There is some mention of Darrell being haunted in the past, and this reader is wondering if that will play more into Darrell’s character in future books, or if it is just stated to hint that he is some kind of medium or sensitive. The setting of a small town in Chesapeake is fitting for the Civil Rights Movement situations that end up being discussed in Darrell’s research and classroom. The paranormal aspect was taken to an unrealistic level, even for this believer of ghosts. It took away from the enjoyment of the mystery. The 30-year-old mystery was nicely resolved and interesting for the small town of Wilshire.

Readers need to be open minded to the paranormal in order to enjoy Blood on the Chesapeake. It is a crucial piece to the mystery, and if it was removed, this book would not work. It would be just another run of the mill amateur mystery. This reader is curious about Darrell’s character and his possible abilities to see things that most cannot and will be looking for future Haunted Shore Mysteries.

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Reviewed 2019