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The Burial Circle
Wesley Peterson Mysteries – Book XXIV
BY Kate Ellis

Piatkus (Little, Brown)
Out in US 19 January 2021/ ISBN 9780349418322
Mystery / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


When a tree is blown down in a December gale it exposes a secret – a skeleton. The police soon discover its identity, a young hitchhiker who went missing back in 2008. Soon there is another murder, a TV psychic who is staying at a guesthouse in nearby Petherham holding séances for guests. Surely the two cannot be linked?
This series doesn’t just have legs, it is an Olympic sprinter! Or maybe a marathon runner as this is the twenty-fourth title in the series, which shows no sign of slowing down. Ms Ellis has hit upon a winning format with her likeable detectives and their families, plus the added attraction of a well described modern Devon and the link with mysteries of the past through archaeologist Nick. How refreshing it is to have a protagonist who is a regular fellow with no dark past; all the characters come across as being normal which isn’t cozy in my opinion, just how it really is. This book has a frisson of the supernatural with a medium that can really sense ghosts but otherwise this is not a paranormal tale. To say too much would spoil the story which gradually unfolds from small beginnings as all good detective stories should. What is the link with past deaths in the old Mill? Does Rachel have a secret? Why does the box contain photographs of dead people? There are revelations on every page and as usual I couldn’t put it down. This is not a short book but it has a lot in it, a very large cast of suspects and more murders than the two mentioned plus a thrilling denouement. We even get to see Gerry dressed as Santa! Required reading for all fans of the series; anybody who has yet to sample these books has a treat in store, but do start at the beginning. All the best, long-running series don’t only have good plots in each book but the added dimension of seeing the characters grow and change. Very highly recommended.

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