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Buried in the Stacks
Haunted Library Mystery #3
BY Allison Brook

Crooked Lane
September 10, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-138-9
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Carrie Singleton is the head of programs and events at the Clover Ridge Library. She gets along well with her colleagues except for Dorothy Hawkins. Dorothy is nosy and bossy and bitter that Carrie got the job she wanted. Carrie and Dorothy have grudgingly reached a truce. Since Carrie has recently agreed to be the new Sunshine Delegate for the library, she is the one to visit and bring sunshine to Dorothy who is hospitalized after a fall. At the hospital, Dorothy tells Carrie that her husband shoved her and tried to kill her. Later, however, Dorothy denies any such thing and Carrie thinks it must have been the fall and medication that caused her to blame her husband.

Dorothy returns to work soon thereafter, using crutches to navigate around the library. One night she is driving home after work and is run off the road. Her car crashes into a tree and Dorothy dies at the scene. At the behest of Evelyn, who is the resident ghost at the library, Carrie agrees to help find the killer. Dorothy was Evelyn’s niece and despite her nasty disposition and the fact that she is unlikable, Evelyn loved her.

While the search for Dorothy’s murderer unfolds, there is also a crisis with the homeless population in town. Some of them congregate in the library to keep warm and other patrons find them disturbing. There is a group of concerned citizens forming in town to set up a location and a day program for the homeless. Carrie is ready to get involved to find out more about the issue and about how she can help.

I like this book as much as I did the first in the series. I am impressed with the author’s ability to weave the problem of homelessness into the story and how she offers different ways of solving some of the problems around the issue.

This is an easy read and it subtly inspires readers to think about social issues while trying to solve the case along with the main character.

If you are looking for a mystery featuring a library, a ghost, and a killer in a small town setting you will find “Buried in the Stacks” a satisfying and entertaining read.

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