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Careless Whiskers
Cat In The Stacks Mystery #12
BY Miranda James

Berkley Prime Crime
January 21, 2020/ ISBN 978-0451491152
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Librarian Charlie Harris is excited and proud that his daughter, Laura, is starring in a play called Careless Whiskers. The Athena College theater department is debuting the play, and Laura’s husband, Frank Salisbury, is the director.

After one of the other actors ruptures his appendix, a substitute actor is hired. The substitute is Luke Lombardi, and Laura is miserable that he’s been cast. She’s encountered him when she was in Hollywood and remembers all too well that his ego and demeanor are obnoxious. It doesn’t take long for Lombardi to alienate those around him.

On opening night, Lombardi dies on stage! Since he collapsed right after Laura’s character handed Lombardi’s character a drink, Laura is suspected of killing him!

After a recent close call, Charlie vowed to stay out of any sort of investigations when murder is involved. Laura is his daughter, though, and he knows she is innocent. It’s up to Charlie and his magnificent cat, Diesel, to clear Laura and sniff out the real killer.

Once again, James has written a masterpiece of a cozy mystery, which is sure to delight fans of Charlie and Diesel. Readers who are new to the series will enjoy it as a standalone read, but I believe that the odds are good for them to rush back to the bookstore for the first eleven books.

Although most cozy mysteries feature a female amateur sleuth, there are male sleuths who are very well written. Charlie Harris stands out as a mild-mannered librarian, and he is my favorite. James sets the bar high with his smart, likable protagonist who has a gift for solving crimes. Charlie’s cohort, Diesel, and the other supporting characters make Charlie’s world complete and give readers a pleasant escape to a comfortable place and time.

Careless Whiskers is an excellent example of a story with relatable characters, interesting plot twists, and skilled writing that has readers longing for more. The long-running Cat In The Stacks series is one of the best in the genre and is beloved by legions of readers.

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