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Cemetery Road
BY Greg Iles

William Morrow
March 4, 2019/ ISBN 9780062824615

Reviewed by  Jen Oliver

Cemetery Road introduces readers to Marshall McEwan, a Pulitzer Prize journalist from Washington D. C., who has had a chaotic relationship with his father, lost his brother, lost his son, and is now called back Mississippi when his father becomes terminally ill. This homecoming isn’t without pleasure and pain. He sees major changes and not all of them good. Upon one of his friend’s death, Marshall changes his life and the city of Bienville when investigating the death and discovers so much more.

Iles has always done a great job in developing in-depth characters with several layers underneath and Marshall’s character holds true to that. Readers will feel for Marshall’s character, especially when he is dealing with his friend’s death and his returning home to help his parents when his father becomes ill. Readers will wonder why he goes back to his high school sweetheart, Jet, even when he discovers questionable things. The setting of the small city works well for this type of story especially when Marshall is dealing with the old timers of the town. Readers will want to read more when another layer of the suspenseful mystery is unraveled.

As a fan of Greg Iles, this reader was looking forward to Cemetery Road and it did not disappoint. Even though it is a large book, over 500 pages in this hardcover, it does not read as a long book. It reads quickly and the ending is not to be missed. Another excellent book by Iles!

Reviewed 2019