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Christmas Cupcake Murder
Hannah Swensen Series #26
BY Joanne Fluke

September 29, 2020/ ISBN 9781496729125

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


Christmas Cupcake Murder continues on with the stories behind cookie and cupcake baker Hannah Swensen. Hannah always seems to get herself caught up in mysteries in her small town. This time, the mystery is trying to figure out what is behind this stranger who has arrived and who does not seem to recall who he is. After he almost loses his life, Hannah is more determined than ever to find out who is behind the man who thinks his name is Joe.

It is always helpful to read the other books in the series and even though this reader has not read all of the books of the series, this reader has read most and has usually enjoyed them. Christmas Cupcake Murder seems to have more recipes (good sounding recipes) than actual mystery. The ending was very rushed and no explanation of how Joe Doe arrived to Hannah’s town. The interactions between Hannah, her sisters and mother are always amusing and still are in Christmas Cupcake Murder.

If you are a true fan of Fluke’s and enjoy Hannah’s recipes, then definitely pick up Christmas Cupcake Murder. If you are looking for more of a cozy murder mystery, this is not the book to pick up. This reader was disappointed in the lack of murder mystery. The mystery of who is Joe Doe was decent but not compelling.

Reviewed 2020