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The Clutter Corpse
The Decluttering Mysteries – Book I
BY Simon Brett

Severn House
28 February 2020 / Out in US 1 June 2020/ ISBN 9781780291246

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Ellen Curtis runs a decluttering business, going around to people’s houses and helping them break hoarding habits and get rid of junk. She is used to dealing with those on the margins of society and when her friend asks her to help sort out the property of a lady whose son has been in prison for murder, she agrees. But amongst the rubbish is a dead body, somebody who Ellen has herself had an unpleasant brush with in the past. The police think the released prisoner must have done it, but what was his motive? Ellen is about to add detecting to her list of skills…

I have long been a fan of this author’s Fethering series, so was eager to try the first entry in his latest series. I wasn’t disappointed, as this cozy mystery is clearly the polished work of an experienced writer. Expect the right amount of plot twists, interesting character development and a believable list of the type of situations (apart from the murder) that a declutterer would be involved in. Ellen’s work not only involves a bored wealthy woman but also an elderly lady trying to cope on her own, a young mother with a history of trouble and of course the ex-prisoner. We also gradually get to learn Ellen’s own history and, like the case itself, this gets revealed bit by bit. I found this to be a real page turner, set in a recognizable contemporary Britain, and liked the way that not all the surprises related to the case. I will be looking forward to the second outing for Ellen Curtis.

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