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Confessions of an Innocent Man
BY Davide R Dow

Penguin Group Dutton
04/09/2019/ ISBN 9781524743888

Reviewed by Sandie Vega

I have to say, I was very surprised by this book. From the first word to the last, I wanted to see what happened to Rafael, and I felt like I was living his life with him along the way.

Confessions of an Innocent Man is written in a very unique way, very different from any other book that I have ever read, as it is written in first person. You feel like you are looking at, hearing, smelling and experiencing everything that Rafael is looking at, hearing, smelling and experiencing, making it genuinely a very immersive experience.

I have never been arrested or been to jail. I understand now how someone feels being arrested for something that they didn't do and then going to jail for that very crime. Trying to tell everyone that you are innocent, yet no one but your lawyer believing you. Now let's take that even a step further, being sentence to death for something that you did not do and are innocent. The authorities couldn’t find a motive, you had an alibi, and you had witnesses testifying that you could never have done what you were accused of doing, yet you were still sentenced to death.

I know that our legal system is flawed and needs some improvements, but what ever happened to that saying, "you are innocent until proven guilty!" In this book, the flawed legal system didn't prove that he was guilty. What they did prove is that if the color of your skin is different or you aren't as well off as some, you really aren’t treated the way that you should be treated. Throughout, the book touches on this topic again and again.

All and all, I would say that this was a book definitely worth reading. It opened my eyes to another form or literature that I haven't read in a very long time, and I was mesmerized by the words on the page. Well done, Mr. Dow, thanks for providing a book done in a way that was enjoyable to read, and you took me back to a place that I know so very well, Texas. I lived in Texas for over 14 years, and the places mentioned in the book were well known to me. While I don't miss Texas, it was nice to go back for a short time!

Reviewer’s Notes: Violence and Mild Profanity

Reviewed 2020