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A Conspiracy of Wolves
Owen Archer – Book XI
By Candace Robb

Severn House
1 June 2019/ ASIN: B07QBQWK9Q

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


York, 1374, and it looks as though there are wolves loose in the city causing injury and even death. But something doesn’t quite add up, and when the coroner’s son is killed, it starts to look as though humans are behind the rumors. But what is going on and why? Owen Archer investigates, aided and abetted (on his own terms anyway) by Geoffrey Chaucer.

I was a big fan of the Owen Archer series and read the books as they came out. This means that the last time I read one was back in 2008, so it took some time to get back into remembering who was who and what part they played in the series. Fortunately, there is a dramatis personae at the front, which was a lot of help, and slowly things fell into place.

As ever, Owen and Lucie are a very likeable pair of sleuths, and this is a teasing mystery, as more people get attacked by the “wolves”, and the reasons behind it all gradually become clearer. There are quite a few repeat characters and, as with all good series, part of the enjoyment comes with finding out what they are up to, and how things have changed since we first encountered them. Readers of the series will remember (and anybody new to it needs to start at the beginning with The Apothecary Rose) that Owen’s employer, Archbishop Thoresby, had died leaving him looking for a new job. He has more than one option to consider and fourteenth century politics to navigate. This means that the next book will be very interesting indeed; I just hope we don’t have to wait another eleven years for it! Like all in this series, this is highly recommended.

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