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Cookies and Clairvoyance
A Magical Bakery Mystery #8
BY Bailey Cates

August 27, 2019/ ISBN 978-0-399-58701-6
Mystery / Cozy/Paranormal

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Katie Lightfoot is a baker and a hedgewitch. She works at the Honeybee Bakery in Savannah where she and her aunt Lucy add a dash of beneficial magic to the delectable treats they make every day.

Katie is engaged to firefighter Declan McCarthy and their wedding is fast approaching. Katie wants to plan her own wedding, but her mother is the sort to take charge and the women frequently clash.

Randy Post is also a firefighter who works with Declan at firehouse five. He is dating Bianca Deveraux, who is a member of the Spellbook Club an informal coven that Katie and Lucy are part of. Randy has a second job installing security systems.

Local resident Kensington Bosworth recently hired Randy to install a system in his home. Kensington was an unusual man. He was a collector of paranormal things. He is murdered and Randy’s prints are on the murder weapon. Detective Peter Quinn asks for Katie to help because of her unique knowledge about all things magical.

What is really going on is out of Katies magical wheelhouse and underlying deep-seated darkness has infiltrated Savannah. Katie has so many things to deal with that this time she may not be able to solve the murder without complete focus. And this time her beneficial magic is at war with dark magic.

Once again Bailey Cates has conjured a para-cozy mystery that is sure to charm readers with the perfect mix of ingredients. This is the kind of story that I can’t put down, but also do not want it to end. As a reader, I was torn in two directions. Save some to read later, or finish it right away.

Ultimately, I finished reading over the course of two afternoons. Then a wonderful idea struck me. I have all eight books in the series and they will provide almost everything I need for a binge-worthy reading weekend. But first I’ll have to go out and get ingredients for the two cookie recipes the author has provided at the back of the book!

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Reviewers Notes: Bailey Cates the Enchanted Garden Mysteries writing as Bailey Cattrell

Reviewed 2019