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A Crafter Hooks a Killer
A Handcrafted Mystery
BY Holly Quinn

Crooked Lane
June 11, 2019/ ASIN: B07MGS1XDW
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Sammy Kane is ensconced in Heartsford, Wisconsin where she runs a craft shop, Community Craft, which was her late friend Kate Allen’s business.

Bestselling crochet author Jane Johnson is in town and she has written a chapter of her latest book about Community Craft. Unfortunately, Jane is soon murdered and Sammy finds the body. One mystery leads to another and it appears that Kate’s death was somehow related to what is going on with Jane’s murder. Naturally, Sammy decides to investigate, using her friends Heidi and Ellie as cohorts and part of the S.H.E. team of amateur sleuths.

This book ticks all the boxes of a cozy mystery. There is a small-town setting, the familiar theme of a craft shop, good friends, good food, animals and no explicit sex or gore. Humor and some romance add a nice touch.

It was a fast read and a nice distraction and would make a light and easy story for a lazy afternoon.

As a special treat, you’ll find both a yummy looking recipe and a crochet pattern at the back of the book.

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