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A Crafter Quilts a Crime
Handcrafted Mystery #3
BY Holly Quinn

Crooked Lane Books
February 11, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-64385-290-4

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


On every second Saturday of January, Heartsford, Wisconsin celebrates with a Fire and Ice event. People come to Main Street to see the festive lights, the town’s annual bonfire of recycled Christmas trees, and to shop in the local businesses that remain open late only on this one night each year.

The festivities continue to grow each year, and this year Sammy Kane has a unique idea to attract customers to her shop, Community Craft. There will be a live mannequin contest for local crafters to model their creations live and in real-time. Customers will vote on who holds the best mannequin pose without moving for the longest time. The winning vendor will receive a gift card to use on anything in her shop. The response is incredible, and Sammy is ready for the Fire and Ice celebration to begin. The evening begins, and everyone is having fun.

Quilter Wanda Wadsworth poses sitting in a chair with a quilt that she appears to be working on. Onlookers try to get her to laugh, but there is no response. Wanda has died in the display window without anyone noticing! Initially, it is thought that Wanda, despite being health-conscious, had a heart attack. The authorities can’t find her husband, Marty, and suspicions grow, leading Sammy, her cousin, Heidi, and her sister, Ellie, to conduct their own investigation. After all, Detective Liam Nash is not having any luck in his official capacity.

I found this book to be a quick and easy read. And it is certainly appropriate for readers young and old. Once again, the author has provided both a craft pattern and a delicious-sounding recipe. Whether you’ve read the first two books in this series or not, “A Crafter Quilts a Crime” makes for a good read for cozy mystery aficionados.

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