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Dead in the Water
Caribbean Cruise Cozy #2
BY Susan Harper

Fairfield Publishing
18 February 2020/ ASIN: B084GYR74H

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Hope is still fed up at being passed over for promotion but at least she and the rest of the crew of the Caribbean Honey are enjoying some shore leave. The team building beach party starts out fun, but things soon turn sour when somebody is shot, and the wrong person arrested. If she is going to find the culprit before they set sail she will have to team up with Felix once again.
This is the second in the new series, and sequel to Drugged on the Deck. I would advise reading this first as it contains a lot that you need to know for full enjoyment (and indeed comprehension) of the sequel. I am not normally a fan of novellas but the author is clearly one of those happy few who can write this type of thing and not make it seem like part of something longer. After establishing the main characters and setting up the background in the first book she is now free to introduce a few more people and show how they interact. Felix is a mysterious character; I imagine we will be finding out a lot more about him in subsequent books. Why is he so interested in the fact that Hope is adopted? The murder victim is a white man and both Hope and some of her fellow crewmates are Hispanic, which involves them getting treated unfairly by the arresting officer and some other characters. This was dealt with in a realistic manner and I didn’t get who committed the crime; it was a well-constructed story. I’m less happy that Hope and Felix might turn into yet another one of those bickering couples that populate a lot of mysteries. Also, the author really needs to find another term instead of the overused “smirk” which crops up a lot and conjures up a more unappealing image than I am sure is intended. This aside I think this is a series I am keen to read more of, with characters I mostly cared about, an attractive setting and a teasing plot. I was particularly impressed with the fact that every story is not going to be set on the ship; instead the books are concerned more about the characters’ interactions and adventures together. I’m up for more.

Reviewed 2020