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Dead on Dartmoor
Devon Mysteries – Book II
BY Stephanie Austin

Allison and Busby
24 October 2019/ ISBN 9780749024420

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Juno Browne, the “domestic goddess” is back for another adventure in the second entry of the series. This time she is caught in a van fire and gets rescued by the handsome and aristocratic Jamie Westershall of Moorworthy House. She and her friend artist Sophie are invited to sell their goods at his garden fete, but all does not go according to plan, and a member of her team is found dead in the nearby woods. The police think it was an accident, but after some research, Juno discovers that somebody else died there recently too. Could there be something amiss on the Westershall’s estate?

I recently reviewed the first in this new series and was impressed, but commented on the rather simple, linear plot and hoped that the second entry would have more in it. My request was answered, and this tale fairly bursts with action and does indeed contain interesting side stories concerning a young boy called Olly and a mysterious woman with a cat. It is still easy to guess whodunit, even easier; in fact, and this detracts from the book’s identity as a mystery. Instead, it is more a case of discovering what is going on and why rather than who is behind it, an unusual and interesting twist on the whodunit. Also, getting the approval of this fellow Devon resident are the author’s descriptions of real places, including the beauty of the moors and general feel for the ambience of the county’s rural areas. Juno and the other series regulars are an amiable bunch, and I look forward to getting to know more about them in future books. I would wish for a more teasing plot to unravel, but there is a lot to enjoy in here, and there is always room for a different take on the standard mystery. More, please.



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