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Dead to Her
BY Sarah Pinborough

William Morrow
February 11, 2020/ ISBN 9780062856821

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


Dead to Her introduces readers to Marcie Maddox, the second wife of Jason Maddox. She has come from a less than ideal background and finally has married rich. She’s married into old money and all that it carries--old money relationships, the elite, the old secrets that everyone knows about but never discusses. Jason’s boss, William, comes home from a vacation in London with a young and beautiful new wife, Keisha. Keisha appears to be a threat to Marcie’s new life in more ways than one. What extreme will Marcie go to keep the life she married into?

Dead to Her was slow in the beginning. The plot did not really pick up into a dramatic situation—that occurred with a secondary character. The characters were not ones that make readers want to love. They only got interesting when you see how each one handled the situation. The ultimate ending was twisted and didn’t really attach itself well with the rest of the novel.

Overall, if you enjoy reading thrillers with murder, sex, maybe even some paranormal aspects mixed in, then Dead to Her is something that you will want to pick up and read. Dead to Her does allow your mind to get away from the everyday world.

Reviewed 2020