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Death at a Country Mansion (Review 2)
Daisy Thorne #1
BY Louise R. Innes

December 1, 2020/ ISBN 9781496729804

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Death at a Country Mansion caught me by surprise! I expected a British cozy and knew I would like it. I didn’t know that it would make me laugh and thoroughly engage me.

Opera star Dame Serena was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home. Who killed her and why? There’s the mystery! There are plenty of suspects and motives and I enjoyed following the clues as they unfolded.

Enter Daisy Thorne who is the best friend of Floria, Dame Serena’s daughter. Daisy is a hairdresser with a passion for getting to the bottom of things. She is even studying forensic psychology, an interest sparked by spending time with her grandfather who was a Detective Chief Inspector. Moreover, when it comes to helping her friends, Daisy is on the job.

The humor, the mystery, the characters, and the subplots all mix well together in this light and easy read. I didn’t expect the final outcome, which to me is the mark of a cleverly written murder mystery.

I think this would be a good book for someone who is just getting interested in the cozy genre and it is appropriate for ages teens on up.

I look forward to the next book “Death at the Salon.” You’ll find a preview chapter at the back of this book.

Reviewer Notes: Louise R Innes also writes romance novels

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