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Death in Saint-Chartier
BY Ivo Fornesa

Allison and Busby
20 March 2020/ ASIN: B07TJ4KM59
Mystery / Contemporary (2009)

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Following an exciting life in South America, Laurent de Rodergues settles down in the sleepy village of Saint-Chartier to write his memoirs. He is living where his cobbler grandfather once lived, and is interested to see the place astir due to the castle’s momentous renovations. The new owner is a mysterious and fabulously wealthy Irish-Argentine man called Carlos who is living there with his wife and three young daughters. The place is getting a very expensive makeover and when it is completed, Carlos throws a great party…only to be found dead by Laurent. Police are looking askance at Laurent,so he decides to discover whodunit.

The author actually lives in a castle in Saint-Chartier, so perhaps it is not surprising how well he captures the ambience of the place, a small town where time seems to have stopped many years ago. It is these descriptions that made the book for me, a place where everybody knows everybody else and people take time to enjoy the good things in life. Laurent, along with everybody else, seems to spend a lot of time consuming gastronomic delights and drinking various local beverages, as well as lusting after the inordinately large number of fabulously beautiful women the town boasts. Plain women are in the minority here and are represented by one ugly caricature. I guessed the dénouement fairly early on, but it is entertaining to immerse oneself in such a heady stew of tangible description. Recommended for anybody who is looking for something set somewhere different to the usual locations.

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