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The Dower House Mystery
Inspector Faro – Book XIX
BY Alanna Knight

Allison and Busby
18 April 2019/ ISBN 9780749024956

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


It is 1907 and Inspector Faro has retired at last and is married to the beautiful Imogen after many years of waiting. They plan to reside in Edinburgh, but first wish to spend some time in York. A chance meeting means that they spend their stay in the Dower House, a historic building occupying the site of Emperor Severus’ villa. Whilst exploring the city Imogen encounters one of her many cousins working in a florists and the pair plan to meet again for a meal. But when she goes back to the shop Kathleen has vanished and nobody seems to know anything about her.

It is time for Faro to come out of retirement even though he has barely left the force! This series has been going for many years together with the adventures of Faro’s daughter Rose and the prequels about his early career. Like many series that have been going for a long time part of the enjoyment of each new book is to catch up with the characters and much of this particular entry is all about that At times this can get repetitive as the reader is constantly reminded of what has gone before; anybody new to the series is advised to seek out the first book rather than jump in at this late stage. The mystery at times takes a back seat to the social life of the Faros, descriptions of York and all those past reminiscences but fortunately this author is incapable of writing anything that is not a page turner. The hunt for the missing Kathleen takes the pair overseas and involves them with another case and we get to learn a bit more about Imogen’s controversial family. Taken as a whole this is yet another entertaining tale in a long running series that I hope will long continue to run.

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Reviewed 2019