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Excursions To Die For
Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery – Book IV
BY Susan Harper

Fairfield Publishing
21 April 2020/ ASIN: B085W845RG

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Hope Harper works on the cruise ship, Caribbean Honey, while studying for her degree online. She is still fed up at being passed over for promotion, but following the events in the last book, knows why “Fine Felix” Fitter was promoted instead. Maybe she will still get to help out with some events, and the new parasailing event looks like it will be popular. It is, until it all goes dramatically wrong…

This is the fourth in a seven-book series, and the big secret about Felix is out. Hope gets to go on a date with somebody else and do some more work with the events team, including the disastrous parasailing. I wouldn’t call this an excursion, and as I hadn’t heard of it before, I would have loved to have read a more detailed description, but it is a new way of committing a murder. As I haven’t been on a cruise, reading about what it is like to work as part of the crew is my favorite part of these books, and I think that the author captures it well.

Personally, I tend to prefer longer books to the novella form and found it easy enough to guess whodunit from a small group of suspects. Hope is a very likeable character who makes a good protagonist. Felix is less interesting, but at least we now know more about his background. The author needs to look up the meaning of the overused word “smirk”, which is not the same as “smiled”, and which does no credit to the character doing it. This entry seemed a bit thinner than the first two, but I hope that subsequent novels will include plenty of the series’ strengths, namely the wider cast of cruise staff characters, plenty of descriptions of ship board life and a harder mystery to unravel.

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