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Faithful Unto Death
Bradecote and Catchpoll Mystery - Book VI
BY Sarah Hawkswood

Allison and Busby
12 March 2020/ ASIN: B07R8GCPTL

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


June 1144: When an unidentifiable body is found it naturally falls upon out trusty trio to discover who it was and who killed him. Could it be the missing envoy from the Prince of Powys? This involves a trip into Wales with the bitterly complaining Catchpole and a stay at a manor filled with suspects.

I was so pleased to discover that there is going to be a seventh book in the series later this year! I have become attached to the characters and find the teasing plots to be real page turners. No gimmicks here, just good old fashioned storytelling skills as well as prowess at creating people you care about and exciting plots. I don’t know enough about mid-12th century Britain to spot the errors but get swept along with the sheer momentum of it all. That is, in my opinion at least, the way it should be.

This time our sleuths get to visit a hostile Welsh court and an equally hostile Marches manor, where the lord is feeble and his visiting brother ailing, while his beautiful, unsatisfied wife clashes with his domineering mother. Somebody must have killed the envoy, but it will take all the trio’s detective skills to discover who. The team rush about, distracted by red herrings and suspecting first one person, then another…to say more would be spoiling the story. Tempering what might be rather grim are plenty of lighter moments, which show the humanity of the characters and remind us that despite living over 850 years later, we are all people. A winning series that will hopefully run and run. Highly recommended.

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