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Fatal Roots
A County Cork Mystery #8
BY Sheila Connolly

Crooked Lane Books
January 7, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-239-3
Mystery/Cozy / Ireland

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Maura Donovan inherited a cottage and a pub in Ireland. Apparently, she owns more bits and pieces of land around the cottage than she was aware of. When she came to Ireland, she was presented with all kinds of legal papers that she just signed without paying attention to them. Thus, she had no idea that she had more land and that it might even have an assortment of ring forts, which were made by fairies.

An archaeology student asks permission to search the land, and Maura agrees. Ciara, the student has two other students come along with radar equipment and a drone to aid in the search. Darragh, one of the male students, disappears, and a search ensues. Darragh hasn’t been found yet when Maura and her very close friend Mick discover a skeleton. It’s just bones and can’t be Darragh, so who is it?

Meanwhile, Maura’s mother is back in Ireland with her young daughter, Susan. Helen, the mother abandoned Maura when she was young but wants a relationship now. Susan appears resentful at first but settles in to help with the kitchen renovations at Sullivan’s Pub

I’ve enjoyed the other books in this series very much. This one didn’t strike the right chord with me, and I am rather disappointed in it. The pace was slow, and there was a lot of needless repetition, and I never felt engaged with the story or the characters.

I sincerely hope that this book is a one-off and that the series will get back on track if there is another one in the works.

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