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From Devon With Death
Devon Mysteries – Book III
BY Stephanie Austin

Allison and Busby
21 May 2020/ ASIN: B082P9ZDX5

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Domestic Goddess Juno Browne thinks she is helping when she tries to prove to a young family that there is not, in fact, a body floating in the river. What is actually in the water is a realistic dummy, which police dismiss as a practical joke. But soon after a real body is discovered in the river, and it looks as though Juno’s new friend is the culprit. Despite a sinister note surely it cannot really be the work of Cutty Dyer, Ashburton’s legendary blood drinking water spirit?

This series, set in my own home county of Devon, continues to impress. We now know all the series characters so we not only get to discover what they’ve been up to, but this author is not afraid to let them grow and change. This adds realism and an extra dimension, making each book more than the sum of its parts. Juno gets to know more than one new person as well as having a baffling crime to solve involving a spooky local legend. She mostly does her sleuthing alone, but all her friends have an important role to play, too, and underpinning it all is a well-described picture of Ashburton and Dartmoor. This is one of my favorite aspects as the author obviously knows the area well and conjures it up in a few well-chosen words. I felt that this series has reached the interesting stage where the reader knows the characters and setting so the plots can really take off and each book can build further on the series characters. If you enjoy cozy crime tales, I can recommend this series. I would also add that it is essential to start with the first book.

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