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Guilt at the Garage
The Fethering Mysteries – Book XX
BY Simon Brett

Severn House
30 November 2020 /1 February 2021 in US / ISBN 9781780291321
Mystery /Contemporary

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Carole Seddon and most of the other car owners of Fethering are long used to taking their vehicles for repair at Bill Shefford’s garage. When her beloved Renault is the victim of vandalism, she brings it in but has an unpleasant surprise in the shape of a body. Surely foul play must be involved, and who would hate Carole enough to shove a note under her door saying, “atch out. The car window was just the start.”?

I was pleased to discover that Mr Brett had written another Fethering novel and, as usual, I found it enjoyable, albeit a little shorter than some of the earlier books. This late in the series readers are familiar with the setting and back story of the characters, so a recap is not needed, but I still felt that the plot was a bit thinner than usual. There is still plenty to enjoy as the sleuths investigate the murder and dodge attempts on their own safety. As with all long running series a lot of the enjoyment is in catching up with the characters, so we get to smile at Carole’s acid remarks about garages and healers, while Jude gets an interesting offer. I did guess the culprit but it took time, and I had plenty of fun getting there. A real winner of a series that continues to deliver, although if next time there is a less linear plot and a bit more going on besides I will be even happier.

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Reviewed 2020
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