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The Heart Keeper
BY Alex Dahl

July 16, 2019/ ISBN 9780451491817
Mystery / Suspense

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby  

The Heart Keeper introduces readers to two women: Alison, who recently lost her daughter, Amalie, to an accidental drowning and Iselin, who is trying to raise her daughter Kaia who has had a long history of medical issues since she’s been born. These two women are interconnected more than they realize. Kaia has Amalie’s heart. Alison is on a search to find the daughter that she lost and blames herself for losing. Iselin is just trying to take one day at time being a single mom of daughter who has been sick and is now acting like a normal 7-year-old. What will happen when their worlds collide?

Readers will feel for both mothers and their struggles. Alison is dealing with the grief of her daughter’s accident and is slowly losing the rest of her family in the process. Iselin is a struggling single mother who has hurdles everywhere she turns in life. The characterization of both mothers is good, however, Alison’s character seems a slight bit unrealistic, even despite the depth of guilt and grief she feels. The development of the other characters adds just enough to Alison and Iselin’s stories and their personal struggles. The story could take place in any smaller town. It did not have to this specific European city.

Overall, The Heart Keeper is a good read and will make readers question what they would do given the same situations and information. The Heart Keeper is more of a literature suspense novel instead of a mystery suspense novel but fans of both literature and mystery genres will like the story and the twists that it takes.

Reviewed 2019