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Kendra Michaels #7
BY Iris and Roy Johansen

Grand Central Publishing
January 7, 2020/ ISBN 9781538762929

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Hindsight by Iris and Roy Johansen is a unique thriller. The protagonist is Investigator Kendra Michaels, whose former blindness has left her with uniquely insightful observational skills. Blind for the first twenty years of her life before gaining her sight via a revolutionary surgical procedure; she has become known for her razor-sharp senses and keen deductive abilities.

Kendra has highly developed senses of smell, hearing, and spatial awareness that she’s used to help the FBI and CIA in many difficult cases. What makes these plots very interesting is the dialogue that realistically explains how she can reach conclusions through her observational skills that others cannot.

“It is very challenging to write how she sees things others do not. We have to think how Kendra can perceive things about people and places. She has sharpened her senses. We did not want to tap into the paranormal. We go out of our way to make it clear that her hearing, sight, and smell are not better than anyone else’s, but she has sharpened them to help her perceive things. For example, in this story, we had the BMW Series 7 key fob because it is an elongated six-sided fob that is very distinctive and is like no other fob.”

In this novel, Kendra goes back to her roots, first introduced in a previous book, Night Watch, but this plot brings it to the forefront of the story. Two staff members have been murdered at a school for the blind where Kendra spent her formative years in San Diego, California. Kendra takes a personal interest in the killings, because she cared about the people who were murdered, and she wants to find those responsible. She grudgingly enlists the help of childhood friend, Olivia Moore, who is still blind and the creator of an ‘awesome’ website for the blind called Outasite; a special needs assistant dog named Harley that played a very huge part in the story, FBI agent Metcalf, and her friend, partner, and lover Adam Lynch. Kendra and company must solve this violent and complex case to save the school, the Woodward Academy for the Physically Disabled, that helped her, and Olivia become independent.

“In doing our research, we found There are apps that have text to speech. This allows those who are blind to read and compose emails. There are also Braille keyboards where the dots come up as quickly as letters, but now a lot of emails has the computer read out loud. Another technology allows the blind to play a form of baseball called beep ball. We watched this video on you-tube and new we had to put it in the book. I go to a lot of consumer tech shows where I make notes and make sure I find a way it makes itself into the stories.”

There are plenty of red herrings that create suspenseful twists and turns. Full of mystery, danger, and a tinge of romantic friction, allows for an action-packed story.


Reviewed 2020