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A House Divided
Lincoln & Speed #4
BY Jonathan F. Putnam

Crooked Lane
July 9, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-037-5
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Excerpt from A House Divided

The new arrival of a woman named Mary Todd wedges a rift between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, but they must resolve their differences if they stand any chance of cracking one of the most harrowing murder cases they have ever faced.

In the winter of 1839, a sensational disappearance rocks Springfield, Illinois, as headlines announce a local man has accused his two brothers of murder. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Abraham Lincoln takes up the case of the accused with the assistance of his best friend Joshua Speed to search for evidence of innocence.

But just as soon as they begin, Lincoln and Speed find their friendship at grave risk of rupture as they vie for the hand a beautiful new arrival in town: an ambitious, outspoken young woman named Mary Todd. As the trial arrives, can Lincoln and Speed put aside their differences to work together for justice once more? An innocent man’s life may be in the balance?and nothing is as it seems.

Re-imagining one of the greatest unsolved murder mysteries from Abraham Lincoln’s real-life trial cases, A House Divided is the most captivating Lincoln and Speed mystery yet from expert Lincoln scholar Jonathan F. Putnam.

When I received my copy of “A House Divided” I was ready for a return visit to Abraham Lincoln’s life in 1839. I found a quiet room with a comfortable chair and made certain that my cell phone was silenced so that I could dive right in and savor each chapter, each paragraph, and each and every word.

Over the span of four books, Jonathan F. Putnam has become my favorite contemporary author of historical fiction. Once again Putnam has done an amazing amount of research and has found the perfect tone and words to impart the information to readers in a manner that provides context while simultaneously stirring the imagination.

Where there is darkness, there is also light. Where men are evil, there are also men who are moral and kind. Putnam deftly infuses contrast into his work and in this reader’s opinion is earning his place as a master of historical fiction.

A House Divided is a satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable read.

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