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Howloween Murder (review 1)
Melanie Travis #26
BY Laurien Berenson

August 25, 2020/ ISBN 9781496730572

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Halloween season is in full swing in Greenwich, Connecticut, and everyone at Howard Academy is looking forward to the school’s annual costume party almost as much as they are looking forward to Harriet Bloom’s marshmallow puffs.

As the headmaster’s secretary, Harriet is well known to everyone at the school and is highly respected professionally and personally. She makes the marshmallow treats every year and hands them out to her neighbors, trick-or-treaters, and she also brings them to school.

Harriet’s elderly neighbor, Ralph Penders, has died, and it seems that he was poisoned, and that the poison was in Harriet’s puffs. Harriet is immediately the chief suspect. Everyone who knows Melanie Travis knows she’s helped catch quite a few killers, so Harriet turns to her colleague for help.

As Melanie canvases Harriet’s neighborhood, she hears a lot of gossip, but nothing that immediately turns up a viable suspect. However, as she gets closer to the truth, the killer prepares to eliminate Melanie.

Melanie Travis is an interesting and intelligent amateur sleuth. I enjoyed reading about her family and her work as a special needs teacher, and I loved reading about her dogs, too. Faith, a lovable poodle, is Melanie’s dearest companion and is an important character in this book.

Cozy lovers will enjoy this Halloween mystery, which is carefully plotted, fast-paced, and a fun fall read. It is a short book at 198 pages, which makes for a fast read and provides for a nice little break with a good story.

This book checks all the boxes for a solid cozy mystery and I highly recommend it. It’s great as a stand-alone read and will also be enjoyable to regular readers of the Melanie Travis Canine Mystery Series. Treat yourself to a copy of Howloween Murder today!
Reviewed 2020