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Hunter Killer
Pike Logan # 14
BY Brad Taylor

William Morrow
Jan 2019/ ISBN 9780062886026

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor brings Pike Logan and company to a new house, that is a new publishing house, William Morrow. But fans should not worry since Logan does not skip a beat in making sure Americans are kept safe.

In this latest novel, Pike and Jennifer Cahill, his longtime teammate and girlfriend, are relaxing in their Charleston home. But their tranquility is interrupted after a vicious explosion kills a friend. The perpetrators set it up to look like an accident, but it was actually foul play, and Pike knows the attack was meant for him.

“I explained in the book how Jennifer once left Pike because she did not want to associate herself with actions she felt betrayed her moral compass. She was completely black and white then. But now she has grown to understand that there is a lot of grey Pike has rubbed off on her some. But Jennifer is also Pike’s backstop in life. As explained with this quote, “Her moral compass has led me out of a forest of evil.” Their attitude came from two philosophical schools of thought. One is where people consider action is moral or immoral based on the action itself. The other is where action is moral or immoral based on the outcome. For example, thou shall never/ever torture. Pike is definitely a greater good guy, and Jennifer is from the other thought. But now they both realize that the other has a point.”

Told to stand down by their superiors, Pike and Jennifer know there’s no way they’re sitting this one out. To make matters worse, two other members of the team have been taken hostage along with the other passengers on a ferry in Brazil. To get to the bottom of this, former Israeli Mossad Agents, Shoshana, and Aaron are asked by Pike to join the team temporarily. After arriving in South America, Pike and company must battle Russian assassins, find out who is behind their friend’s murder, and become entangled in a scheme involving Brazilian politics and a cut-throat battle for control of offshore oil fields. They are now on a quest for personal retribution and to protect American foreign interests, while trying to stay alive.

The story gives readers a thrilling ride. An added bonus is how former army Colonel Taylor, reminds people that those who serve view their team as family and will do anything to protect each other.

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