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I Know You
BY Annabel Kantaria

Crooked Lane
June 11, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-110-5
Mystery /Thriller

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Taylor Watson and her husband Jake have moved from sunny California to a suburb of London and as Jake travels frequently for work, Taylor becomes bored and lonely. Her only friends are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a baby on the way, she decides to make some real-life friends and joins a walking group and a book club.

But Taylor's desperation for friends and acceptance land her in disturbing situations with people who are different than they appear to be. As the story unfolds Taylor’s relationships with her new friends begin to seem strange, and with short, unnumbered chapters told from the point of view of an internet stalker, any of them could be the creepy person who is obsessed and twisted.

This is quite the psychological thriller. It kept me guessing as major twists and turns were revealed. I often felt I wanted to put the book down for a while, but found that I couldn’t stay away from it until I got to the truth at the end.

Although it is a fictional tale, it serves as a good reminder to all of us to think twice about what we share online and how people you meet every day may, in fact, lead a hidden life you know nothing about.

People who love thrillers will be delighted with this book. The author is quite accomplished. I intend to read her previous books and will watch for future releases as well. Annabel Kantaria is an author to keep on your radar.

As good as this book is, I recommend reading this fantastically disturbing mystery in the light of day and with all of your social media accounts locked up tight.

Reviewed 2019