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In Case of Emergency
Silverstri and Wolcott #2
BY E. G. Scott

August 4, 2020/ ISBN 9781524744557

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


In Case of Emergency by E. G. Scott is a medical thriller. E. G. Scott is a pseudonym for Elizabeth Keenan and Greg Wands, who published their first book, The Woman Inside, together last year. This is where they introduced the police detectives Silverstri and Wolcott.

The detectives have another puzzling case. They ask Charlotte Knopler to ID a body, and it throws her for a loop...she has never met the victim, yet she is listed as Jane Doe's emergency contact. Her life once again turns upside down after Charlotte becomes the main suspect in this woman's death; she does not know. His best friend Rachel Sherman suspects that Charlotte's mysterious boyfriend, Peter Stanton, has something to do with the accusations.

Elizabeth noted the acupuncture piece was inspired by her own experiences. "I swear by it and highly recommend it. Charlotte switched from western medicine to Eastern methods. We thought about why someone would make such a drastic change. It uses healing from plants and flowers." While Greg wants readers to understand that "with technology, we want to get into the effects of technology. Who can someone really trust, and are they who they say they are?"

Charlotte's backstory remains a mystery as the authors offer tidbits throughout the book. It seems that she was a neurosurgeon who is forced to quit medicine after a tragedy. Now turned acupuncturist and alternative healer, it appears her past as a surgeon has something to do with being implicated in a murder. As things start to spiral out of control, Charlotte wonders about Peter, a mysterious new boyfriend who has asked that their budding romance remain a total secret. Their relationship has been forged through texts and emails, often in code, since Peter says he works undercover for the government. Charlotte decides to find out the truth launching a parallel investigation to the one being conducted by the detectives.

Both authors noted, "Charlotte is very conflicted about her past with a mysterious and secretive life. Charlotte is susceptible to alpha male personalities. She is constantly questioning herself and is very self-aware. She is coming to terms with her past. Then suddenly, she is yanked back, that causes an internal tug of war. She finds Peter exciting. Deep down, she knows he is not the person she thinks he is. I think she goes through the whole spectrum of feelings: Fantasizes who he is, builds him up, and then has a reckoning."

This suspenseful story had many threads that come together through the various narrators. Once again, the detectives showed their investigative skills.

Reviewed 2020