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The Indigo Ghosts
A Gabriel Taverner Mystery - Book III
BY Alys Clare

Severn House
1 April 2020/ ASIN: B085LKKRDJ

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Devon 1604: Dr Gabriel Taverner receives an urgent summons from his old ship, which has just docked in Plymouth. He finds his former captain and his crew in some state, nervous and seeming afraid of their own shadows. They report seeing blue ghosts and, when a body is discovered tucked away, it looks as though the ship has been playing host to stowaways. But this is no ordinary body, and Gabe is about to embark on no ordinary mystery…

I’m not normally a big fan of woo-woo mysteries as too often the supernatural element gets used lazily to beef up an otherwise poor plot. But some authors can do this type of thing well, and Ms Clare is one of them She conjures up a genuinely eerie atmosphere and backs it up with a lively plot and interesting characters. Gabe and his sister are likeable characters, albeit with the inevitable more modern views than the protagonists of historical novels invariably possess.

This is one of those novels with a surprise at every turn, so saying too much will spoil the story. But when I say that the ship had visited Hispaniola, this might drop a clue. Gabe liaises with his usual colleagues and unearths secret after secret, while more bodies pile up and more than one group of people need to be run to earth. I enjoyed the first two books but this one is even better, as we have been introduced to all the series characters and can now watch them detecting. There is a lot of story in here plus a background of real historical events. Highly recommended.

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