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A Killer Carol
An Amish Mystery #7
BY Laura Bradford

Berkley Prime Crime
September 24, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-9848-0590-4
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Claire Weatherly is excited about the Christmas season and her role in helping Heavenly, Pennsylvania, celebrate with her new project, One Heavenly Night. Heavenly is a town with many Amish families, and Christmas is not so much celebrated by the Amish as it is observed.

Claire’s event is geared toward a holiday night for the whole community. The shops on Lighted Way will be open, and the hope is that the night will be memorable for all, and that there will be many visitors and tourists in town to enjoy and to shop for gifts.

Annie, who works for Claire at her gift shop, Heavenly Treasures, and her friends are out caroling when they discover that Mary and Daniel Esch are dead. Detective Jakob Fisher realizes that it is murder. Claire’s close Amish friend, Ruth, and her husband, Samuel, were the last people who visited with them. Ruth and Samuel are persons of interest because they have a motive.

Jakob has to pursue the case and use the evidence he finds. He has been working to try to mend fences with his Amish family who shunned him when he left the community. Claire, who loves Jakob dearly, wants nothing more than to help solve the crime before the divide between Jakob and his family is widened even more.

A visit to Heavenly is always joyful for me. I’ve read every book in the series and have come to know and understand the characters and how deeply they feel for each other. The pace with this book, as with the previous six, is slow but steady. There is no rush to judgment or people tripping over red-herrings and such.

The key to thoroughly enjoying the book is to find a quiet time and a place to relax and make your way to Heavenly to visit the people and read about the events. For me, it provided a day of reading that was calm and quiet and conveyed a sense of peace. How talented Laura Bradford is to be able to give that comfort to her readers while simultaneously entertaining with a cozy mystery.

When you shop for your copy of A Killer Carol, be sure to get extras as holiday gifts for your friends who love to read or for everyone in your book group. You can’t go wrong with a new Laura Bradford book as a gift!

Circling back, I realize that I’ve been reading this series since its inception back in 2012. Seven years. Wow! You might want to consider buying copies of all seven books for yourself and for gifts! Each book is better than the last.

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Reviewer Notes: Christmas Season. The author also writes the Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries and the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries (writing as Elizabeth Lynn Casey)

Reviewed 2019