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The Last Seance
Tales of the Supernatural
BY Agatha Christie

Harper Collins
September 24, 2019 / ISBN 978-0-06-295914-0
Mystery /

Reviewed by Emily Lee Decobert 

I was already a fan of Agatha Christie but had never read any of her short stories, so I was eager to give The Last Seance a try. It did not disappoint. This collection of short stories has all the things we love in a good mystery. There are twists and turns, false assumptions and surprise endings made even more dramatic by the quick pace and bite size portions. We get to visit our old friends M. Poirot and Miss Marple, who are still at the top of their game figuring out the impossible. Unlike the longer novels, you are able to read a whole mystery in one setting, but you’ll probably have to have more than one.

The unusual thing about many of these short stories is the use of the supernatural. Christie excels in the whodunit, but all of her masterminds are real people who commit real crimes. In some of these stories, Christie steps out of her comfort zone and dabbles in the paranormal with remarkable success. She give the same attention to detail, the same plot that lures you in, but the finale is beyond this world. A few of the stories I loved that exhibited this were the titular “The Last Séance,” “The Idol House of Astarte,” and “The Dressmaker's Doll.” Of course, some of them are just great stories that look supernatural until Poirot or Miss Marple get on the case. Whether supernatural or of man, these twenty tales are Christie at her best.

Reviewed 2019