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A Legacy of Murder
Kate Hamilton Mystery #2
BY Connie Berry

Crooked Lane
October 8, 2019 / ISBN 978-1-64385-154-9
Mystery / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Just six months after the release of A Dream of Death, Connie Berry has gifted readers with the second book in her Kate Hamilton Mystery series.

It is Christmas season and antique dealer Kate Hamilton has gone to the English village of Long Barston to visit her daughter, Christine. Christine and her boyfriend, Tristan, work at the historic Finchley Hall. Kate joins a guided tour of the hall and its ground, and is captivated by the tales of hidden treasure and murders with emphasis on the Finley Hoard.

As the tour of the grounds proceeds, a boy from the tour group discovers a body along the lakeshore. The dead woman is Tabitha King, an intern at the estate. A second murder happens, and Christine becomes a suspect. Kate, of course, has to find a way to clear her daughter’s name.

A multifaceted gem of a book, it's sure to hold your interest from the first page. Be prepared to set aside an afternoon or evening to enjoy this book cover to cover. Highly recommended.

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