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Little Bookshop of Murder
Beach Reads Mystery #1
BY Maggie Blackburn

Crooked Lane
September 8, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-64385-438-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Shakespeare professor Summer Merriweather brings her summer in England to a quick halt when her mother, Hildy, dies suddenly. Hildy is believed to have died from a heart attack, but Summer and her Aunt Agatha think she was murdered. Hildy’s return to her hometown on Brigid’s Island is not one she welcomes, and she doesn’t feel particularly inclined to stay long.

The police on Brigid’s Island, North Carolina, don’t see the need for any investigation, so Summer and Agatha decide to do some sleuthing. Hildy owned a bookshop on the island and someone wanted to buy it, and went so far as to send threatening notes. Is that person the killer?

Members of Hildy’s book club provide support, but as the story goes along, it seems someone is now out to kill Summer.

While this isn’t one of my favorite reads so far this summer, I do see potential for the series to evolve. Unfortunately, I knew who the killer was almost immediately. While the characters are okay for the most part, I found that my favorite character was Hildy's African grey parrot because of his vocabulary and personality. Summer, as the protagonist, needs work to make her more relatable and likable. That can be done and the next book can be improved. The author is an established author with several books already published. I have faith that she can make the second in the series so good that I will be raving about it.

I recommend this to readers who love to get in on the start of a brand new series, and to anyone who wants a beach-read that has a bookstore that specializes in beach-reads!

Reviewers Notes: The author also writes mysteries as Mollie Cox Bryan.

Reviewed 2020