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The Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
BY James Lovegrove

Titan Books
21 January 2020/ ISBN 9781789092004
Mystery / Historical / Short Stories / UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Sherlock Holmes only appeared in four novels, and of these only one is regarded as among the author’s finest work. Mostly we know of him through the medium of the short story, and here are a round dozen to enjoy by one of his best current writers.

I confess to not being a great fan of the short story myself, but some writers have the ability to make it their own. It is not a common talent, and most people’s efforts tend to read as though they are part of something longer but fortunately Conan Doyle was not among their number and neither is James Lovegrove. Some of these have appeared in other collections, but most are new work and all have something to recommend them. The theme running through this collection is the supernatural and strange, and among the varied entries we have both tales involving seemingly odd occurrences being debunked and those set in parallel versions of our world or dealing with the paranormal. We hear the thoughts of a dog; visit a dimension where most people have superhero type talents (apart from Holmes) and delve into another mystery from the Cthulhu Casebooks series. There is a supposed magic stone, a sinister séance, a potion a la Jekyll and Hyde and some vanishing museum exhibits. Watson gets to shine in one, and in another, Holmes’ rival detective has a case to solve. I won’t say too much about any of them as it would spoil the stories but there is something for all tastes in here, whether woo-woo is your bag or not.

Reviewed 2020