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Meet Isabel Puddles
Mitten State Mystery
BY M. V. Byrne

November 24, 2020/ ISBN 9781496728319

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


In Meet Isabel Puddles, readers do exactly that--meet Isabel Puddles, a middle aged woman who, like most of us, struggles to make ends meet. She resides in a small town in Michigan that most of the time is a summer’s residential hotspot. She grew up here and pretty much knows everyone. She does odd jobs and through one of these odd jobs -- as a funeral home make-up artist -- she uncovers a nail embedded in the skull of a well-known farmer who was initially thought to have died of a stroke. This discovery leads Isabel on a wild ride that she was not expecting, and all because she was determined to discover the truth of who was behind this murder.

There is a lot of detail about Isabel and the town of Gull Harbor, Michigan, much more detail than what is normally in a cozy. But given that this is the first of the series, it could be important later on in future books. The extensive details help show how important Isabel is to her community. The mystery in Meet Isabel Puddles has several suspects and basically reveals who was behind the murder early on but not the how, which this reader finds more interesting. The how had lots of twists and turns--some unbelievable--but fun regardless.

Overall, Meet Isabel Puddles is an enjoyable mystery, and this reader is looking forward to seeing what future books in this series have in store. Any mystery reader should get enjoyment out of Isabel and the actions that lead her to an almost deadly path.

Reviewed 2020