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Mums and Mayhem
Magic Garden Mystery #3
BY Amanda Flower

Crooked Lane
August 11, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-64385-298-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Tennessee native Fiona Knox inherited a garden in Scotland and it's not just any garden, it's a magical garden! She moved to Scotland from Tennessee several months ago, and her younger sister, Ilsa, followed her. Now their parents have come to visit.

Fiona needs to have an honest discussion with her parents about her godfather, Uncle Ian, who left her the garden. Learning that Ian was her biological father leaves her confused, and her mother thus far refuses to explain. Meanwhile, Ilsa has yet to inform her parents that she will not be returning to Tennessee because she is in love and plans to marry Seth MacGregor, a medical school dropout and a man with a gambling addiction. Naturally, there are more secrets to come to light.

Famous fiddle player Barley McFee has come back to his roots in Bellewick for a homecoming concert organized by the town merchants, including Fiona, as the owner of the Climbing Rose Flower Shop. During intermission, Barley is murdered, and Fiona just happens to be the one to find his body inside the tour bus. While any number of people might have had reasons to kill Barley, it seems that Fiona's beloved father, Stephen, is the prime suspect.

Once again, Fi is in the middle of a murder investigation. While the investigation and her family turmoil are going on, she must also cope with the apparent death of the garden she is the keeper of, and she doesn't know how to bring it back. Barley's murder is the main mystery, but I was much more intrigued by what was going on with the garden.

Although this is the third book in the series, it's fine as a standalone read. However, reading the others is something you will want to do after you read this one, so you might as well get them all at once for a nice binge read. If the series isn't new to you, this is your opportunity to take a weekend to enjoy the first two again and then Mums and Mayhem as the cherry on top!

Highly recommend. I enjoyed the book from the first page to the last!

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