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Murder at Monk’s Barn
Perrins Private Investigators Mystery – Book I
BY Cecil Waye

Dean Street Press
1 February 2021/ ASIN: B08NCLX6J6

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Gregory Wynter was getting ready to go out to a dance with his wife when he is shot dead through the window of his dressing room. It seems like an impossible crime, as nobody could have been outside the house and not been observed. Gregory’s brother Austin enlists the aid of brother and sister PIs Christopher and Vivienne Perrins to discover whodunit, and why.

Cecil Waye was the third pen name of John Street (aka John Rhode and Miles Burton) and this is the first case for the Perrins, originally published back in 1934 and now brought to life again by Dean Street Press. This is a classic Golden Age mystery with most of the expected elements: a village full of people with secrets, private detectives, ingenious and involved murder methods and all the clues for the reader to solve it themselves in true “fair play” style. The Perrins work with the police rather than against them and I preferred this personally to the more usual brilliant detective versus stupid and obstructive police. Local policeman Burdon is on the scene first and is no bumbling village bobby. Most of the legwork is done by Vivienne, who perhaps spoils her role as an independent and smart young woman by falling hopelessly in love. The best part of the story is its teasing plot, with several suspects all of whom could have committed the crimes and plenty of detection. I found it to be a real page turner with something interesting going on at all times and a good, brisk pace. The book opens with the first murder so can be said to hit the ground running, and although I did guess whodunit the how is rather more complex. If you are a fan of this style of novel I can recommend this book, the first in a set of four.

Reviewed 2021
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