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Murder at the British Museum
The Museum Mysteries – Book II
BY Jim Eldridge

Allison and Busby
24 January 2019/ ISBN 9780749023713
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Private Investigator (and former Scotland Yard inspector) Daniel Wilson is back on another case with his archaeologist partner, Abigail Fenton. This time the venue is the British Museum in London, where Professor Lance Pickering has been found stabbed to death…in a toilet. He was there to give a talk about his book on the true story behind King Arthur and to promote the museum’s latest exhibition on the same subject. Soon there is another murder, sending the Wilson and Fenton off to discover who is behind the killings before there are even more…

I confess to being somewhat underwhelmed with the first in the series, Murder at the Fitzwilliam (also reviewed on this site). The author has written nearly a hundred books and scripts, many of them fast paced YA thrillers, so I had hoped for something a bit pacier and less romantic. This second entry is a real page turner, with the sleuths rushing around London and its environs trying to find the murderer and the possible motive before striking again. There are quite a few suspects, plenty of red herrings, a rival for solving the case in the person of Superintendent Armstrong, and a good, teasing plot.

The pair is a couple now, so romance takes a back seat, and I can promise readers a book filled with detection (and some action). There are a few errors and modernisms, which brought me slightly out of the story, but nothing too major. I was also too busy being swept along by the tale and trying to work it all out for myself. If book three is anything like this, I am already looking forward to it. Highly readable and recommended for anybody who likes a good yarn set in foggy late Victorian London.

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