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Murder In Chianti
Italian Mysteries – Book I
BY Camilla Trinchieri

Allison and Busby
7 July 2020/ ASIN: B08514B2H7
Mystery/Contemporary (2014)

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Ex NYPD cop Nico Doyle leaves the US for his late wife’s home town of Gravigna in Italy’s Chianti region. One morning he hears a gunshot and imagines hunters, but instead he discovers a dead man with his face blown away. He is soon helping the local Carabinieri inspector, Salvatore Perillo, and discovering that a lot of local people knew the victim. Some of them are his wife’s relations…

The folk of Gravigna certainly know how to live La Dolce Vita. Meals and various beverages are consumed on every page, as all the characters appear to spend most of their time eating. I haven’t visited Italy so cannot comment on the veracity of this, but fortunately there is also plenty of detecting. The pool of suspects widens and it appears that everybody has a reason to dislike the victim, but who truly hated him? Nico learns that despite the loss of his former job and the untimely death of his wife, life still holds many things worth living for. He adopts a stray dog, works part time in a local restaurant and of course enjoys detecting…and consuming awesome quantities of food and drink. Perhaps the star of the story is the vividly realised setting, which comes to vibrant life as the Italy of our dreams filled with lively characters, beautiful scenery and all the good things of the table. This has the feeling of being the first in a new series, and I would certainly read another. Worth a look.

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Reviewed 2020