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A Murderous Malady
Florence Nightingale #2

Crooked Lane
May 7, 2019 / ISBN 978-1-68331-929-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

In London during 1854 there is a deadly outbreak of cholera. Nurse Florence Nightingale is hard at work as she and her nursing staff strive to save lives and end suffering.

Illness is not the only plague spreading through the city. Evil lurks in the soul of a killer. Elizabeth Hebert is Florence’s friend and is the wife of Secretary at War Sidney Herbert. During an outing with her father, Elizabeth (Liz to her friends and family) is horrified as their carriage is attacked. The attack takes the life of her coachman. Later Sidney’s valet dies from cholera, but before he dies he utters some cryptic clues about the carriage attack.

Sidney puts Florence on the job, hoping that she will be the one who can get to the heart of the matter and keep his beloved Elizabeth safe. Florence sets out to do just that, but she must move quickly before anyone else comes to harm or worse.

Christine Trent has clearly done her research, and in addition to the enjoyment I receive from a good mystery, I found that I learned quite a bit as well. As with the first book in the series (link to my review is below), I was both captivated and intrigued with the history and the mystery.

Historical mystery readers will not want to miss this book. I’ve never considered historical mysteries to be among my favorite books, but both books featuring Florence Nightingale sleuthing as well as nursing have opened a new world of reading to me. As it turns out, historical mysteries can be very addictive. Highly recommended!

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