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my lies, your lies
BY Susan Lewis

William Morrow /- HarperCollins
08/11/2020/ ISBN 9780062906618
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Sandie Vega


This book was a great summer read. It took place in the UK and while some words are hard to figure out the meaning, I had to look a couple of them up, the story itself was very easy to follow and was intriguing to read.

The story has it all! A bit of drama, love, suspense and great storytelling. The characters are well thought out, defined and very likable, with the exception of Freda, she was just sad and misguided. From the first words to the last words written, you will never want for more descriptions or clarity, as the author is really good about spinning her web to draw you in.

There are some very unexpected twists and turns in this book with some of them you can see before they come and some not so much. With each word, you are living the story with the characters and are immersed with them in the drama that they are facing.

I am very interested in reading more books by this author so that I can compare them to this one. I would suggest picking up this book, sitting back with a cup of tea, and enjoying the story as it unfolds in front of you.

Reviewed 2020